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Minggu, 02 Oktober 2011

Lee Hom in Open Fire

The newest album which is called "Open Fire" has been published in Sept, 30th. The style of the album cover is inspired from one of the book by Bruce Lee. Lee Hom deeply feel the spirit of martial arts to make their own music and have a deep spiritual connection.

Lee Hom said that Bruce Lee is not the only effort as you want, he also repair philosophy Moreover, since ancient times to force humanely, to doctors humanely, of course, from Music humanely, all walks of life to be the best when it humanely , and naturally connected! When Lee Hom was in childhood, he like to act as Bruce Lee because he was smaller than the others in United States, so he was get bullied by the other student. He lied to the students that his father was Bruce Lee, he really go learn Chinese martial arts, simple gestures recipe to school, and make the students who bullied him feel scared.

The "Open Fire",  Lee Hom new songs plus a collection of selected Sony's "King" towards the 13 years of classic songs, also recorded the last ten years, Lee Hom's achievements in Chinese music scene, including any "public switched turn" album and a history of the Golden Melody Awards the youngest male singer and producer, to CHINKED-OUT, and environmental protection theme song of the album, as well as performances by the film and creative affectionate theme song, and the first familiar jingles and more, are 13 years of the effort of Lee Hom. This album is definitely worth collecting!

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