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Minggu, 02 Oktober 2011

Gigi Leung Confirmed Will Marry with Her Spain Fiance

Sohu Entertainment News According to Hong Kong media reports, the 35-year-old Gigi (GiGi) is about half a year in Spain next week to marry her boyfriend fell in love, marriage venue will be held in the Spanish Island of Ibiza.
In at 14:41 on October 1 timeshare, Gigi own text messaging, confirmed the marriage in the next week, did not disclose the specific day. They are in her travel to Spain in March this year, when he clashes as tour guides love the fire. Yesterday (September 30) she was happy to acknowledge and praise her fiance: "Thank you (thank you), he is really very, very good, I am very grateful." And she had seven years of Ekin Cheng love yesterday (September 30 ) is also generous to congratulate her: "would like to wish her and wish her happiness." her last Tuesday (September 27) and his family went to Spain to meet with relatives and planning a wedding yesterday (September 30 ) She has tried in the local wedding dress.

Yesterday (September 30) Gigi Leung and quasi-loving husband in Spain to show the photos of street exposure, the man stands 185 cm tall, very handsome. Gigi's fiance in the street holding her hand, made her honey sweet, smiling, happiness overflow. According to reports, yesterday (September 30) has to go to try on wedding dress. Flew to the local planning a wedding

Gigi is also following the Karen Mok, Coco Lee, Selina, Chia-chi, the other a subject of attention of the bride in this October.

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