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Minggu, 09 Oktober 2011

CoCo Lee Prepares Luxury Wedding

CoCo Lee now  is stepping up preparations for her wedding in Hong Kong. She has been sent invitation to her friend Jackie Chen and friends to create a perfect wedding. CoCo recently exposed a group wedding, wedding atmosphere, luxurious, sweet and happy smile photo of CoCo.

CoCo and a difference of 15-year-old, Bruce Canadians since 2004 met at first sight. Their feelings are very stable. CoCo Lee and Bruce born two daughters with his ex-wife got along very well.

They love long-distance running for eight years, and finally determined to be October 28th, 2011 to squeeze into the "Wife" in the column. For this relationship, CoCo always show both the loving and generous to media. It is reported that this wedding will be luxury, budget, approximately $ 10 million. One year ago CoCo Lee announced the suspension of work and started planning wedding event.

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