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Minggu, 09 Oktober 2011

How Nicolas Teo Reduces Stress

After nearly 2 years, Nicolas Teo release his new album "Do not Disturb Love" on September 19th in Taiwan. The first week of release won the Triple Crown, the second week it is won "five", "G-Music" dual championship titles.

Nicolas Teo said that he likes running while listening to music in outdoor. If the hit album promotion period pressure tight, he needs to exercise decompression, he will  run to the gym for an hour. Nicholas Teo likes to play basketball with his friend when he was at school.

He admitted: "At the first debut and got a lot of pressure, but the more pressure, the more it will get worse. Entertainment is to make you happy, so need easygoing feeling, serious work, the pressure will be reduced, while listening music when doing sport there'll be a lot of sweat, and the pressure will be reduced.
Nicolas Teo also told us not too melancholy. Through exercise, listening to music will relieve stress.
It is reported that his album " Do Not Disturb Love" will soon be in the Mainland, currently the company has received a number of media invitations and it will be launched in the mainland soon.

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