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Selasa, 11 Oktober 2011

A Kiss for Miriam Yeung

"Miriam Yeung Minor Classics Live at Star Hall 2011" concert will be held November 25 to 27 held at Star Hall, and the press conference held on 10 about the details.
The press conference is talking about the way the program organized by the DJ and Miriam talked about a concert to prepare and plan about when having children.

Conference arrangements Miriam held a little girl and sang "Long live the friendship" performance, the little girl has kissed Miriam on the cheek, so that Miriam felt so happy. Miriam always wants to have a child, the concert master of ceremonies asked her whether will say goodbye from entertainment for that? Miriam deny, said: "If so, the company must be located stadium or airport, and not in Star Hall." Miriam asked whether deliberately the little girl singing this part? She said, No, it is the company's arrangements, may we all know she would like to have children, so the schedule on short notice she was surrounded by children. Asked Miriam will try artificial insemination like Kelly? She frankly doesn’t mind, the most important thing is health, she will try the best.

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