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Senin, 10 Oktober 2011

Wang Lee Hom "Still Love You" Song Is Written for Shu Qi?

Taipei, October 10, singer Wang Lee Hom yesterday (9) autograph was held in Hsimenting, but unfortunately it’s a rainy day. His fans still wait patiently. It is also the first public concert when Lee Hom sang "Still love you," so fans could hear great joy.

"Still love you" is Lee Hom's new personal creation, media curious if the song is made for Shu Qi? After listening to Lee Hom embarrassment deny that the song is made for Family, Fans and Friends. In the "still love you", wrote the lyrics: "I still love you, perhaps fate, many years later no one can replace the ...", that is why everybody thinks that the song is made for his ex-scandal gossip.

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