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Senin, 17 Oktober 2011

Kenji Wu Got 5 Awards in Eleventh Global Chinese Music!

Seven Asian radio: Taiwan POP Radio, East Radio Shanghai 101dynamic, Beijing Music Radio, Radio Guangdong Sound of Music, Radio Television Hong Kong, Singapore YES933, 988 Radio Television Malaysia, "Global Chinese Music", in step into the 11 years, not only in the first cross-regional Chinese music, it is the most influential Chinese-language music list.

 "Eleventh Global Chinese Music" Saturday night in Shanghai, the world's largest SMP Skate Park announced winners, one of the most famous singer Kenji Wu succeed as "Most Popular Male Singer” and Joey as not "Most Popular Female Singer”. Kenji Wu also got the “year's most popular songs”, " an outstanding singer in Taiwan "," best stage interpretation, " most popular singer-songwriter”. He got five awards in that ceremony.

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