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Kamis, 13 Oktober 2011

Lee Hom Has Another Brother?

Recently, a man surnamed Zhou told to the media that Wang Da Zhong who has always been a good President, a good father of the show's father Lee Hom are also among the young seeds of romantic love bonds. Wang Da Zhong has had an affair with a young nurse and birth a son, the child Invisible for 20 years, was finally exposed. It is reported that Lee Hom prominent family background, his brother Wang Li De, MD, Yale University, and worked in an American high school entrance exam got the best score. While his brother Wang Li Kai graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, currently working for the U.S. Wall Street. The three brothers are the pride of the family. Never imagined beside them, there’s still a brother born in 1988.

The 88-year younger brother, is a member of Taiwanese boy bands Fresh.M Ding Xiang Wei. It been said Ding Xiang Wei been very fond of singing, several times he wanted to enter the entertainment circle. But his mother didn’t like his son to engage in any work-related entertainment, probably because he will meet Lee Hom in entertainment. So she arranged Ding Xiang Wei in the education industry. But Ding Xiang Wei finally not respect my mother's teachings. He chose to leave school for art, and it made dispute between them. His mother accidentally told Ding Xiang Wei and Wang Lee Hom was actually half-brothers. 
If the whistleblower is true, then Ding Xiang Wei should be renamed as "Wang Xiang Wei". As a brother of Lee Hom Wang, he how will give his brother some support?  Until now, it has not been confirmed yet, whether it's true or not.

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