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Selasa, 04 Oktober 2011

Gigi Leung Wedding in Spain

Gigi Leung marry at Ibiza, Spain at 20:00 Spain time, on October 3rd

Gigi broke the 35-year-old marriage flash news, dating only a few months with Spaniard, and marry with Sergio in Ibiza, Spain yesterday. Gigi is also following the Karen, Coco Lee, Selina, Chia-chi, the other a subject of attention of the bride in October. The wedding day happened at the 44 years old of his ex-boyfriend, Ekin Cheng's birthday

Because of flight delays of 40 minutes, Gigi arrived at 4 pm local time Dayibisa Island, found that reporters, Gigi then fiance hurriedly leaving alone the gates of a reporter's question, said: "Very happy, Thank you."

It is known that the circle of Gigi wedding invitation only three sworn sisters Charlie, Angelica Lee, Valen Hsu and record producer Chen Shaoqi attend. Gigi was nervous and so happy, her close friend said that she's become thin and have to modified her wedding dress.

Every time Sergio visitted Leung mother to Hong Kong, Gigi said: "Mom like him." Sergio is also a certain cause and foundation, a large food company executives. "

Dating for two months, Sergio has Gigi marry him, "My second visit to Barcelona, ​​he took me to a palace, he knew that time was exceptionally low, I thought he took me to visit, but suddenly he knelt down, took out a bunch of roses and a ring. I feel the need to think about it, have to discuss with mom." In July, Sergio propose again, "In fact, his first marriage proposal, I have found him, the second is in the hotel, he paved the roses " MarryMe " on the ground, he put on the ring on me, and I promise"

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