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Sabtu, 15 Oktober 2011

Joe Cheng Doesn't Know About Lin Chi Ling New Romance

October 14, 2011 Taipei, artist Joe Cheng and Tiffany Xu recent appear together constantly in the fashion occasions. Tiffany Xu and Joe Cheng  attended the well-known fashion concept store opening party, her dress revealing fascinating business lines, sexy and elegant, Joe Cheng who stood beside her said, good thing is to share with everyone, made Tiffany Xu little shy.

Admiralty when she been asked what kind style it will be when she walk at the red carpet, Tiffany said everything is uncertain, first secrecy! The finalists of the current best actress Sonia Bell, currently has the loudest voices.
Recently Lin Zhi ling new romance gets everyone's attention, Joe casually expressed and said did not know whether she has a new romance, although recent contact with her, but never heard of. And this news, it’s better to ask the person directly.

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