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Jumat, 07 Oktober 2011

Barbie Hsu Will Replace Her Sister in "Kang Xi Lai Le" TV Show

When Barbie Hsu came back Taiwan to celebrate her 35th birthday, he has asked if she will replace her sister, Dee Hsu in "Kang Xi Lai Le" TV show.
She answered that she has been thought about it, it's possible that she will help her sister to host in that TV show.
Dee Hsu, or can be called Xiao S is pregnant for her third child. She will be helped by few of her sisters, to host at that show.
Since Barbie Hsu and Blackie host at "Wu Lin Da Hui", she never been a host again, but this time she will help her sister.

For her birthday, Xiao S sent message for her sister, which says: "My dear sister, I told my third child that you are very lucky,
because you have two sisters who are really love you. Like me have you, I always don't feel afraid and lonely
even if my personality is lazy, don't like to make new friends, there're always you love me!
Thank you, your sister always loves you! Happy Birthday. "

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