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Kamis, 06 Oktober 2011

Ariel Lin Say Goodbye To Entertainment Industry For A While

Ariel by performing a new idol drama "I May Not Love You", on 5th attend the Nordic International Silver Eagle boutique endorsement.
Ariel was wearing a blue velvet dress makes her more beautiful and generous. There's a saying "A woman who is falling in love is the most beautiful", that's why she looks more beautiful.
Her good friend Mr. Cheng asked whether to send him the watch. Ariel Lin shyly responded that there is and their relationship is still stable.
Ariel has said after the drama "I", she might say goodbye for a while from entertainment industry, and the return date is uncertain. She hopes that the next six months after the rest herself will make  a new start. There's no special idea of ​​the work, just want to rest.

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